Wasting Time

Like many people, I’m not independently wealthy. That means I have to work for a living. Therefore, my writing time is reduced by approximately eight hours five days a week. Unfortunately I often don’t use my remaining time wisely. There are lots of things I can do that don’t include writing or thinking about writing.

There is a category of non-writing activity which is essential. This is the time needed to stay alive in a human fashion. You spend time with loved ones. I keep my mind alive by reading or going to an art gallery. There is also a legitimate need for simple recreation.

The trap lies in the legitimacy. When I extend the time needed for these things unnecessarily, I rob myself of writing time. This is time I will never get back. Read what Terry Rossio, the prolific screenwriter, has to say in his post called Never Wait.

Then there is the damage caused by self inflicted injuries. How much writing have I failed to create because I was busy causing health issues by overdrinking or overeating? Those are novels and screenplays that I will never write. How much better a writer could I be if I had spent prior years more productively?

Even if it’s only a few hundred words on a blog, write something. Today. Now. Go.

It’s a great day to be alive!